Minotaur Clothing Black & Gold Vest, Shorts & Old School Boots

Spencer Ward is a dedicated body builder and boxer

I’ve had 3 white collar fights and 2 amateur bouts in the last few years and have been bodybuilding for the last 20!

It’s a tough sport but I enjoy it immensely. Currently, I’m back in the gym lifting weights and keeping fit with the boxing.

I’ve worn Minotaur equipment throughout my training and can say it’s both durable and comfortable. The shoes are light and allow free movement around the ring which is essential, especially for a heavyweight like me!

The hooded sweater has a lovely feel to it and is top quality. The vest and trunks both fit well and that Minotaur emblem looks awesome. I always get positive comments down at the gym!

Kevin in the ring wearing Minotaur Old School Boxing Boots

Kevin progressed from boxing to keep fit to white collar fights

I got into boxing for fitness about 2 years ago. At first I did the odd class, then started to train a bit more seriously and finally started sparring and signed up for a white collar event. At that point I know I needed a proper pair of boots.

I looked around a bit online but couldn’t find the look I was after until I came across the vintage look of the Minotaur Old School Boxing boots.

The minute I tried them on I knew I’d found the right ones for me. They’re super light and my footwork and movement around the ring improved overnight.

As you warm up through a session the leather feels like it starts to mould to the shape of your foot, you almost forget you’re wearing them and I’ve never had a blister!

They looked great on fight night, and I now wear them at every single session. Can’t fault them.