The story behind Minotaur Clothing

John Humphrey's boxing club, circa 1976

© Harry Holland, Hogarth Boxing Club, Chiswick, circa 1976. Harry is still active in boxing training & promotion.

Minotaur White boxing boot with English Rose motif on left boot

I fell in love with boxing when I first started in 1976. Back then, the must have kit was of course, Lonsdale. Things have inevitably changed since then, but the original Lonsdale kit was definitely made to last. In fact, I still have a couple of original pieces and they still look good.

The boxing continued until 1994 when I married and shortly afterwards, started a family. Still having a hankering to box, I got back into training in 2004 and dedicated the precious time allowed by the wife, on getting myself match fit and ultimately, returning to the ring.

Loyal to the brand, I had kitted myself out in Lonsdale clothing and equipment as before, but alas, it just wasn’t the quality of the Lonsdale equipment of old. And this

got me thinking about developing my own clothing and boxing equipment.

The Minotaur Clothing brand
I started with top quality, long lasting hooded tops with top-notch motif embroidery (each garment takes over 30 minutes to embroider). Then came shorts, woolly hats, vests and finally the birth of The Old School Boxing Boot in April 2016.

So light, so durable… so cool!
The development and testing of the boots has continued over a four year period, proving their strength and durability in all gym conditions. Part of the process was to wear my own pair of Old School Boxing boots, which as you can see, have lasted with some wear and tear, extremely well.

Several high ranking boxers have also been using Old School Boxing boots and have nothing but good things to say about them. They are amazed that the boot is so light and durable and have confirmed that after a short time, they actually mould to your foot!

Getting Noticed
A pair of Old School Boxing boots get noticed by everyone, especially with the range of leather colours and lace combinations on offer. Plus of course, the Minotaur Clothing motif! And now, you can personalise them even further with your own motif, club logo or national flag!

John Humphreys, Minotaur Clothing
* Hooded tops, shorts and vests are by special order. Contact Us for further details.

Minotaur Red & Gold Boxing Boots

Quality materials and craftmanship

The Minotaur Old School boxing boot is made to order from beautifully soft leather sourced from a tannery based in southern England.

From there, the leather is sent to a cobbler operating in the heart of traditional shoemaking in the Midlands. Your boot is cut, trimmed and finished by hand to your specification.

Finally, the embroiderer will embellish your boot with the Minotaur brand and / or any other specialised motif you have ordered. Please note, designed for internal gym use only.

After stringent checks, your Minotaur Old School Boxing Boots will then be delivered by the Royal Mail.

Embroidery or vinyl?

Embroidery Stitching

The Embroidery process takes into account that your personal image or logo will first be digitalised to be sent to the embroidery machine.

Each individual item is then placed by hand into the embroidery machine for your your own design/logo to be embroidered onto the item that you have specified. This process is of the highest quality.

Intricate and very detailed designs may have very small spaces between the stitching as the embroidery machines may not be able to duplicate an in depth intricate or detailed design.

At Minotaur Clothing we incorporate the old tried and tested eye to arm test on every individual embroidered item. The item is held at arms length ( average arm length of 25” ) the item will produce a professional and outstanding image.

If the image is not to the highest standard that Minotaur produces then the item will go back to the embroiderist for redesign and embroidering.

A sample of a special ordered design/logo will be forwarded to the customer for approval before the design/logo is embroidered onto the item.

Each individual item is hand inspected before the item is dispatched.

Vinyl Printing

The Vinyl Print process takes into account that your personal image or logo will first be digitalised ready for printing and cutting process. The design/logo is then sent to the digital printer for printing.

The design/logo is then taken from the digital printer to cut by individually by hand to the specific design. It is then heat treated onto the item or boot and at this point there is no turning back, once the design /logo is heat treated onto the item or boot that is where it stays and will not come of. This process is tried and tested over many years.

The difference between embroidery stitching and vinyl printing is that the vinyl printing will not leave spaces between the design/logo but the embroidery will give a much better quality look. Each process is to each individual preference and choice.

Each individual item or boot is hand inspected before dispatched.

Please contact Minotaur Clothing if you require a specific or special order, please be aware that individual or special orders may take longer than the predicted 6/8 weeks delivery to process due to the digitalisation and proofing of each individual design/logo.

Order to delivery

Please note that the Old School Boot is bespoke and made to order and therefore, can take between 6 / 8 weeks to be delivered.

From time to time, we do have boots readily in stock, so please check availability when ordering.

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A great range of colours and sizes

  • Our boots come in Black, White, Red and Blue.

  • The sizes range from Adult 6 – 12 boot.

  • Look out for lace and leather colour combinations on certain boots.

  • Country Motifs added to left boot

  • Personalised motifs and / or wording can be added to the left hand boot at an extra cost. And, if you require a special colour please contact us and we will do are best to accommodate you.

Take personalisation to the next level

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Minotaur Black & Gold Boxing Boots

The ultimate experience

The Old School Boot is very light in weight and moulds to the shape of your foot. Some say they forget that they are wearing the boot as they are so comfortable. Check out our testimonials.

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